"Moving forward, beyond the borders. Take warning, my day has come"

-The Dirty Heads

I hope that this page can help to inspire, support, and give thanks. 

On April 26, 2018 I underwent an amputation of my lower left leg.  I will be posting here throughout the epic journey. Feel no sadness for me for my time has come and I can move forward. For 18 years I have been in a bad relationship with my lower left leg and its time we broke it off, Literally...

please play me while reading, this is a song called Day By Day by the band The Dirty Heads. It lifts me, inspires me, drives me...
  • Shawn Rohe

April 29th

Yesterday was a great day. It started out a little rough. I wasn't able to get any sleep for nearly 2 days. Most of which was just the natural commotion of a hospital and the other was the pain. I had definitely gotten overwhelmed by everything. Thankfully Jamie was here to pull me through and get me up and going. Just when I thought I was going to snap from lack of sleep, Bacon and Jordan showed up. It was a great surprise, gave me that shot I needed, I was back. Nothing like a few good laughs to get you out of a funk. From then on it was all good. My Mother and Father in-law brought Blake up to see me, Aunt Colleen stopped by for a while, and our brother and sister from other mother and mister came over to stay the night. Quick shout out to Ben and Erik for hanging out the night before as well. It is the little things that drive us. There is nothing more powerful than the love of friends and family.

Yesterday afternoon I was able to have the drain removed and IV's so I could go outside. Blake and I played race car driver, he drove, I powered. Went back in hung out for a while and then made it back out once again.

It was nice just to get some fresh air, and watch all the college students stumble from a concert. I finished my day with a few more laps a good laugh and lots of sleep.

I am proud to say that since 2 pm yesterday I have been off of the opiats, I really have very, very little pain. More tingles like your foot fell asleep. I have had a few phantom pains, it is still so strange that my mind still perceives a foot being there, but I have been able to talk myself through it thus far. No phantom foot issues have lasted more than a minute or so, which is nice. The first major hurtle has come and gone and I am racing towards the next. I am being released from the hospital this morning, discharge papers are in. Home again, Home again. Thank you UVM Medical Center, your staff of Nurses, Doctors, their support group and everyone I have come in contact with have been amazing. I hope to never spend another day in your hospital but if I do I know I am in good hands.

I'll catch you all at HOME!

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