"Moving forward, beyond the borders. Take warning, my day has come"

-The Dirty Heads

I hope that this page can help to inspire, support, and give thanks. 

On April 26, 2018 I underwent an amputation of my lower left leg.  I will be posting here throughout the epic journey. Feel no sadness for me for my time has come and I can move forward. For 18 years I have been in a bad relationship with my lower left leg and its time we broke it off, Literally...

please play me while reading, this is a song called Day By Day by the band The Dirty Heads. It lifts me, inspires me, drives me...
  • Shawn Rohe

December 24th 2016

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Christmas eve, the day was going great. We had been working all day getting ready to have Christmas Eve dinner. We were walking out the door heading to Church for Christmas Eve mass, when I slipped on the threshold of our door and felt a pop on the side of my foot. I looked back to my wife, and said that I thought I just broke my foot. She was adamant that I should stay home and put my foot up, but if you know me, you know I am stubborn as hell. The walk into church was rough, and I really began to believe that I had broke something in my foot. After about 20 minutes of mass I couldn't take the pain anymore. I whispered to Jamie that I was going to head home and I walked back out of church. During this whole process my foot popped again, and it very well may have reset the bone.

I got back home and tried to move around on my foot. There had been other times when I would get a crazy pain, and it felt like something broke, after about a half hour the pain would subside, and I would simply move on. This time though no dice. I pushed through, we had a great night with family, and then I went to the hospital. After hands down the fastest visit to the ER, the evidence was clear my 5th metatarsal was broken.

After a few Dr.s appointments I was referred to an amazing specialist at The University of Vermont, where it was determined that I would have surgery in March.

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