"Moving forward, beyond the borders. Take warning, my day has come"

-The Dirty Heads

I hope that this page can help to inspire, support, and give thanks. 

On April 26, 2018 I underwent an amputation of my lower left leg.  I will be posting here throughout the epic journey. Feel no sadness for me for my time has come and I can move forward. For 18 years I have been in a bad relationship with my lower left leg and its time we broke it off, Literally...

please play me while reading, this is a song called Day By Day by the band The Dirty Heads. It lifts me, inspires me, drives me...
  • Shawn Rohe

Good bye to the Dark Days

Hey everyone, I know it has been a few days, but they have been for the better. I think that I am finally over the pain and uncomfortable part of this whole experience. The hair has grown in enough on my leg that it no longer is itchy and unbearable. I want to talk about new experiences that I have had.

Last night I was so comfortable and had no pain, that for a moment I forgot that I did not have a leg. I know what some are probably thinking, and no I was not on pain meds at the time. For the first time in forever, I felt like my leg was just normal. Needless to say I almost fell over, had the wall not been right there I would have fallen. An intense reality came over me and scared the hell out of me. The reality that the leg is actually gone. Wow.

I am by no means thinking that this was a poor choice, or "man what did I do". It just set in a little. It was a good reality check. I am still very excited about the whole process. Sometimes this is going to get a little scary and that is ok. I am powering though and doing fantastic. Only one direction to go, forward.

After a few dark days over the weekend. Moments of just being down, and out are over. After the storms blew through, Jamie got me out and going. We took two long walk (well I rolled in the wheel chair), and got some good exercise. After one of the walks we came home, and I raked the front yard from my wheelchair. I just needed a good workout, and some sunshine to help get out of the funk.

We also have had back to back nights of playing some wiffle ball with Blake. Obviously I was the designated pitcher. It feels good to feel like a human again. If you are having a bad day or bad week; get up out of the chair, put your big boy pants on, drag your butt outside, and do something. Even if it is as simple as sitting in the shade. Get outside, let mother nature heal you. Listen to good music. Uplift your soul, and your body...your mind will follow.

Lastly today is a big milestone! I have an appointment this morning to get my shrinking socks. These will be used to shape my stump! Thursday the splint/cast comes off, and watch out world, I've got stuff to do. Have a great day everyone. Keep growing stronger strides Day by Day!

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