"Moving forward, beyond the borders. Take warning, my day has come"

-The Dirty Heads

I hope that this page can help to inspire, support, and give thanks. 

On April 26, 2018 I underwent an amputation of my lower left leg.  I will be posting here throughout the epic journey. Feel no sadness for me for my time has come and I can move forward. For 18 years I have been in a bad relationship with my lower left leg and its time we broke it off, Literally...

please play me while reading, this is a song called Day By Day by the band The Dirty Heads. It lifts me, inspires me, drives me...
  • Shawn Rohe

March 14th 2017

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

I am pumped. Could this be it? Am I going to be "normal" again? I had a plethora of work done to my foot this day. They removed a wedge of bone from my first metatarsal, and put a screw in it to straighten it back out again. They then took the wedge of bone and used it as a graft into my fifth metatarsal, and pinned it where it broke. Lastly, they rotated my heel roughly 33 degrees, and fused it to part of my ankle.

Just a little hardware

I had a cast on my leg until June. which through all the things my body has gone through, this was the first hard cast that I have ever had. So I made light of it and did a little decorating.

And a couple from my son.

I wouldn't say that the surgery was a failure or a success. The heel was straighter, and my foot was landing fairly flat for the first time in a long time. Maybe this is it. The big day came to remove the cast, and move forward. Unfortunately, the pain was still there if not worse. My ankle was trying to take the brunt of the work now that my foot was straighter. After a few months my foot and ankle were not getting any better, and it was time to see the surgeon once again. I at least made it through the summer without having to have a cast on, but I was in a lot of pain. It felt as though there was a red hot knife plunging into my ankle.

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